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This closer industry-education alignment is reflective of a broader trend and newfound urgency everywhere around getting highly qualified talent into key IT roles to mitigate the global technology skills gap. There are also certifications that do not necessarily fit into the aforementioned pathways.

That’s why CompTIA has joined the hundreds of companies, associations, school districts, municipalities, and other organizations who have chosen WGU as their partner in educating their workforce. New Horizons IT and Business Training solutions have kept businesses—from startups to global enterprises—ahead of the technology curve for over 30 years. New Horizons provides measurable return on any company’s training investment while our learning methods meet the styles, demands and schedules of management and employees. Global IT ecosystem, has partnered with Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, a subsidiary of the Institute of Applied Technology, in support of its mission to strengthen the workforce through the delivery of education programs in high-demand and high-growth career areas. The CompTIA Authorized Partner Program recognizes CertBlaster as a highly valued CompTIA business partner. Creator of multiple industry resources-such as the CompTIA Career Center, IT Pro Community, and research reports-to help our partners, companies, IT professionals, and government organizations. CompTIA’s Delivery Partner Program is intended for professional training organizations that deliver training in CompTIA certifications.

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Rather than enrolling for a 4-year Computer Science degree, he chose to leverage his decade-long experience, took certifications, and gradually switched to an IT career. Effective vendor communication is another expectation of channel partners, with better than eight in 10 identifying it as a significant or moderate priority. Vendors have responded by offering diversified communications across multiple channels, social media, video comptia authorized partner and gamification. CompTIA’s “Partner Experience Trends 2022” is the result of a survey of 400 U.S.-based IT businesses. Two-thirds of IT businesses surveyed characterize their current vendor partnerships as “very strong, growing in engagement” or “strong, steady in engagement.” But there is a caveat. Partners today are far pickier in terms of who they work with and what that particular relationship experience should look like.

As they advance in their knowledge, they can then move into the Security Necessities (Security+) courses which require advanced knowledge in IT. Here, learners are set up to master a variety of threat detection tools, learn behavioral analytics, and create hacker-proof security solutions.

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CompTIA also collaborates with partners to attract future learners and provide them with the necessary tools to pursue a successful career in IT. Asher College maintains multiple agreements with world leaders in higher education certification. At Asher, you can receive hands-on training to develop the skills and knowledge to feel confident about pursuing a vast range of certifications. As you progress through the CompTIA certification path and gain real-world experience, you can start specializing in the sub-field that excites you most. For example, CompTIA provides accreditations in cybersecurity and cloud computing.

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